WebCam Guard (WCG)

WebCam Guard is a small and free program that can be used to "guard" some area with just a PC with a webcam.

How does it work?

First, you install it on your computer, and you define a few options - the interval in which the images should be taken, the FTP server to which the program should send the images and the username and password.
Then, the program launches itself and will register itself so that it starts every time you login to Windows.
And, when it is running, it will wait for the interval to pass, and then it will send a photo to the FTP server you specified. You can then look at the photos on any other computer with a internet connection.

How to use

Simply download (link is on the bottom of this page) the setup.exe, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Be aware of the fact that you will need a FTP server, username, and password in order to send the photos remotely.

Need help?

You can try contacting me using any information you will find on this page.


Windows Windows Setup.exe