- Sync any USB drive as if it was an iPod
- Especially useful for managing the music in your car
macCopy Album Playcounts AppleScript
- an AppleScript that will copy playcounts of entire albums automatically (useful if you rerip a CD in better quality and want to keep your old playcounts)
macScreen Cutter
- take a screenshot and keep it above everything else like a visual post-it
iOSBitrate Tester
- a free app that will let you test the sound quality of different MP3 bitrates, right on your iOS device
WindowsMonitor for Facebook (Windows version)
- a utility notifying you of new Facebook notifications, messages, or friend requests (Windows version)
Mac OS XMonitor for Facebook
- a utility notifying you of new Facebook notifications, messages, or friend requests
Mac OS XSystem Indicator
- a lightweight CPU, RAM, and Disk Monitor for Mac OS X
WindowslinuxSource codeHoubyWatch
- simple clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer application
WindowslinuxSource codeQuickShare
- simple program for easy and compatible sharing of files, directories, drives over LAN, WiFi...
- files are shared over HTTP and will therefore be available from any device with a webbrowser
- offers simple HTTP AUTH password protection
- offers the possibility to enable uploads to the computer where QuickShare is running
- can be setup to use an IP whitelist or blacklist

WindowslinuxSource codeTPC (The Poker Calculator)
- a simple calculator of poker odds, supports a monte carlo probabilistic algorithm and a deterministic but slow one for calculations
- supports the Texas Hold'Em variant only for now, but more will probably come in future versions
WindowslinuxMac OS XSource codeHC (Open Source HoubySoft DEG / RAD / GRAD and RPN / Infix Arbitrary Precision Calculator)
- The objective for this program is to provide a calculator with a simple and usable interface, similar to a command prompt, but a lot of options and abundant functions.
- supports definition of your own functions and variables
- supports graphing (2D, 3D, parametric, slope fields)
- supports complex numbers
- supports statistics and boxplots
- supports vector operations
- includes logic and a simple interpreted programming language
- Two versions are available : a CLI and a GUI.
WindowsCodebreak - Windows version
linuxCodebreak - Linux version
Source codeCodebreak source code
- a minimalistic logic game, where your goal is to deduce the number the computer is thinking by using the indications the computer gives you
- for more information about gameplay, type '?' or 'h' in the game
- screenshot
WindowsBeePlayer (Windows 2000 or later)
- a simple "player" - plays sounds on the computer's mono integrated speaker, using either your commands or files - a few are here
- can also be used to test which frequencies of sound is your ear capable to hear (an average person hears 20 Hz - 20 kHz)
WindowslinuxSource codeCodingConverter
- a small but useful program for converting/detecting encodings of text files

WindowslinuxMac OS XSource codeUltiMailer
- The best program to send e-mail, even from other addresses than your one, and now it also includes a real Time Machine!
- supports HTML email
- supports Mass Mailing lists
- supports Attachments
- supports sending emails from any time (Time Machine)
- supports threading
- supports statistics...
- click here for details
WindowsWebCam Guard
- a simple program that will guard an area with just a computer and a webcam!

WindowsSource codeREx - remote script execution and control
- UPDATE : Now a setup.exe Installer is avaible (for easier use)
- REx is a program which can execute scripts and programs remotely on your computer
- more information is avaible here
WindowsSource code HoubyControl - open source employee/user/parental control software
- HoubyControl can block particular services (like Instant Messaging), user-defined websites (for example websites not suitable for children - porn, etc.)
- HoubyControl also can record all keystrokes on your computer so that you can then review what was happening on your computer when you were away

- HoubyTest is a small program designed for students, who want to test themselves to prepare for a test or exam
- you first create a test file with questions and answers, and then you can let the program test you from it

WindowsSource codeBFG / hydra (multiplatform : entire source avaible)
- a module for thc-hydra which enables it to generate passwords using the brute-force method
- you don't need to download thc-hydra - this webpage has everything you will need, including full source code for those who want it

ChoppShroom3D 1.5 - Setup.exe for WindowsWindows
- now includes random generated obstacles/bonuses!
- now includes random level generator!
- a game that is inspired by the good old Copter, but this "Copter" is 3D!
- if you want, download the second package too, and write your own level!
HoubyCmd - Windows onlyWindows
- a simple program that allows you to use / get access to Windows cmd even if it is banned, for example at work or school
- avaible under GPLv3, source included in the archive
MindReader - Windows - EnglishWindows
MindReader - Linux - Englishlinux
MindReader - Texas Instruments calculators - English
- now also ported for Texas Instruments calculators! Enjoy!
- now in english, both Windows and Linux versions! For downloading the czech version, go to the czech section of this website.
- have fun with a program that can read your mind! ;)
Base64 0.1 - sourceSource code
Base64 - Linuxlinux
- base64 is a program for fast (de)coding base64
- command-line interface - you can even use it in your own programs - but you must give me credit in this case
- this program is open-source and licensed under the GPLv3

MorseCode - Linuxlinux
MorseCode - Windows Setup.exeWindows
MorseCode - Windows WITHOUT GTK+ - for advanced users onlyWindows
- Morse code (de)coder, with a GUI in GTK+
- Windows installer now avaible!

IRC bot - Linuxlinux
- an IRC bot in alpha stage, it can reply to different messages by different actions
- the configuration of what to do for what message is in a plain text file, really easy to configure it
- if someone is interested in a Windows version, contact me.
HoubGame - WindowsWindows
HoubGame - Linuxlinux
- the first version of the houbysoft game
HoubySudokuSolver0.1. beta - WindowsWindows
- a program to solve sudoku puzzles
- unfortunately, it is buggy, it can't solve all puzzles

Crypt 0.4 - WindowsWindows
- a crypting program
- keep your files secure by crypting it with our software!

- a simple game : the computer thinks a number, and you must guess it

- an utility for the Sangband game, which you can download on our mirror.

- allows you to save your game automatically
- a simple game in JavaScript
- works on almost all platforms, tested on computers, iPhone, iPod Touch...

Windows Recent List DeleterWindows

- a program for deleting the entries you want from the windows' "recent documents" list.