How to make Wine (a program to run Windows apps on Linux, and others) look like XP

As you probably know if you are here, I am a software developer. I always try to make my applications cross-platform, when it's possible. So, the natural choice was to run Linux & Wine to test the application on "Windows" (yes, a VM would be better, but I have a small RAM).
So, one day I was really sick of the default Wine theme looking like Windows 0.1, and decided to make it look like XP.
It is very simple, but not everybody knows about it.

How to do it

1. Go to a terminal, or use some kind of launcher (ie ALT+F2).
2. Type "winecfg" (without the quotes), then the Wine configuration thingy should pop up.
3. Click on the "Desktop Integration" Tab, and then click on "Install theme".
4. Now you need to select the luna.msstyles file in the dialog. Either find it on the web somewhere, or if you have Windows XP, find its root in the dialog and select the file C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Luna\luna.msstyles.
5. Now, just click on "(No Theme)", and select the newly installed style, click Apply, OK, and there you go!
Screenshot: Screenshot