ClockTime Machine

I implemented the Time Machine first in UltiMailer 3.1. What it does is that it modifies the header of the email while talking to the SMTP server to make the email look like it came from a different date.
This can be very useful... because you can make your email look like it was sent 2 hours ago, yesterday, 42 years ago, or even in the future (but emails coming from the future are often qualified as corrupted by the email server and discarded, so better use times from the past only).
Why did I make such a feature?
Well, the first idea was taken from a GMail Easter Egg, Gmail Custom Time (tm). When I first saw it, I realized that this can actually be done, so I did it and the new "Time Machine" in UltiMailer is the result of my work.
I hope you will enjoy it :)

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