Welcome to the UltiMailer FAQ!
This section contains some of the most common questions and the respective answers.

Is this program/its usage legal? Isn't spam/bulk/mass mailing illegal?

This program is perfectly legal, and so is its usage, but there are some restrictions, which are mainly controlled by the CAN-SPAM Act. For more information, click here.

UltiMailer is not sending any emails, and it says "Error connecting" in the console, how do I fix it?

The message you see is simply telling you that UltiMailer can't establish a connecting on port 25 with the appropriate SMTP server.
This usually happens when you don't have your port 25 open. Check your firewall settings or ask your ISP to unlock your port 25.

How do I test if I have port 25 open?

Go to a terminal/command-line in your Operating System, and type:
telnet smtp.gmail.com 25
If you won't see a message starting with "220" (for example Connection refused), there is a high chance that your port 25 is closed.

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