Why should I buy UltiMailer Professional?

The premium version of UltiMailer can be bought for $10 only!
What do you get if you buy UltiMailer premium?
- you will be able to use threads to achieve extremely fast speed
- you will be able to send mass email without any SMTP server
- you will be able to use a list of SMTP servers (useful for testing them - UltiMailer will tell you when you attempt to use an unaccepted username/password, or get the emails delivered a lot faster, since more SMTP servers are used)
- you will be able to use the (now enhanced!) stats features to easily track the status of the sending
- you will be able to set a custom sender name, not just a custom email as it is in the free version
- you will get at least a 25% 50% discount on any later version of UltiMailer
- last but not least, you will support development of UltiMailer


Automatic payment options are currently disabled. Please contact me if you would like to purchase UltiMailer; I will respond within 24 hours.