UltiMailer - a cheap and extremely fast mailer program for mass mailing lists and more

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FREE version

UltiMailer Free

WindowslinuxSource code

Softpedia Award
- an open-source edition of UltiMailer
- features include mass/bulk mailing (but only with one SMTP server and not multithreaded - consider the Professional version),
  attachment support,
  Time Machine, Fake mailing...
- fully functional, but lacks some advanced features as SMTP lists, built-in SMTP server for mass email, and multithreading

Professional version (v4.0)
available for only $10

UltiMailer Professional


- the professional edition of UltiMailer, suitable for bigger projects
- has all features from the free version plus advanced features like the full support of SMTP lists, mass mailing lists, multithreading, a fast built-in SMTP server, and more!
- the paid version is also A LOT FASTER than the Free version, because it has multithreading support - you will feel its extreme speed mainly with big mailing lists
- all of this for just $10!

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