Buy REx

Update! Now all customers can login, view, and modify their hosted scripts using the web application!
To buy REx + the support, select the version you want below, pay the amount, and then send an e-mail to dlabaljan (at) gmail (dot) com containing details of your request.
Getting the paid version of REx has many advantages:
* you can send me the script and I will host it on the server! (1 script hosted per setup, max 100kb)
* you will get free support in case something won't work
* you will support the future research and development of REx!

Which version should I buy?
This depends only on you. Here is a description of each version:
* 1 setup ($2.00) - you get one setup (one program)
* 5 setups ($5.00) - you get 5 setups (five different versions that you can request) -> savings = $5.00!
* unlimited setups ($10.00) - you can request unlimited setups (maximum 1 per day) -> savings = biggest
Thanks for choosing the paid version!