REx - Open Source Remote Execution Tool

REx is a tool which, after installation, checks a defined URL for batch files which are then executed.

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How to use REx (Tutorial)

Simply download the setup.exe, run it as an administrator and follow the on-screen instructions.

How it works

REx works as follows :
1) when it is being run it copies itself and the libraries to %WINDIR%\system32\ to ensure that it can be run later as 'rex' (because it is in the system path). Then it adds itself to the Run folder in the windows registry to ensure that it will be run at every system startup.
2) then it waits REX_INTERVAL seconds (default is 30). You can customize the value of REX_INTERVAL in REx.h.
3) after this, it tries to fetch the file REX_RFILE which you can also customize in REx.h. You can use any form that curl will accept. For example you can use HTTP, for example or you can use for example FTP with authentication :
4) if the fetch succeeds, REx checks if the file that was fetched has the same first line as the one fetched preivously. If yes, it does nothing, if not, it executes the script downloaded.
5) back to step 2.

Download / Buy

* Download REx (setup.exe installer or source code)
* Buy support and hosting for the scripts on the server!