Statistics and boxplots in HC

From version 0.9, HC includes statistics functions, and a boxplotting function.
The syntax is very simple. There are 4 functions:
stats(), statsf(), boxplot(), and boxplotf().

stats() takes as many arguments as you want, each representing one value of the series of which you want to get statistical data.
statsf() is the same as stats(), except you have to append each of the values' frequency after the value. For example, these two calls are equivalent:
stats(2,2,2,3,1,1) == statsf(2,3,3,1,1,2)

boxplot() is the same as stats(), except that it does not show statistical data; it draws a boxplot, as its name suggests. Duh.
Now you can probably guess what boxplotf() does; it's the same as statsf() but draws a boxplot.

List of data shown by the stats() and statsf() functions

  1. n (number of elements)
  2. average
  3. first quartile
  4. median (second quartile)
  5. third quartile
  6. min
  7. max
  8. sum(x)
  9. sum(x^2)

Example of generated boxplot

Example boxplot

Example of generated statistical data (Windows 7)

Example stats data