Welcome to the official website of HoubyControl (Hcontrol) - the free, open source employee/user/parental control software!

Features (for the current version - v0.1)

* keystroke logging to inspect what your users, employes, or children are doing while you're away
* blocking particular services - currently MSN, AIM, and ICQ
* blocking user-defined websites - you can use any website, like Facebook, MySpace, porn sites or any other site you want
* Absolutely free and open-source solution, so you can be sure that the code don't contain any malicious software, because you and lots of other people across the world can review it


HoubyControl is completely free, and open source, which means you can download both the .exe binary setup file, and also the entire source code for reviewing or customizing it for your or your company's exact needs.
You can also redistribute HoubyControl, including any modified versions, under the condition that you keep credit to this official website.
WindowsDownload Windows binary (Setup.exe)

Source codeDownload Source Code (for advanced users)


For support, please contact me using any contact you'll find here. If you like this program or you want to support the future releases, please donate.

Features planned for the next version

- Limit the time a user can be logged in